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If you are a business based in Wellesbourne (or very close)... then you are entitled to a free listing* on this directory.

If your business is based outside of Wellesbourne but you would still like to offer your services to residents and visitors of Wellesbourne then take a look at the listing+ option below.

The free listing will include your business name, contact name and a telephone and or mobile number. If you wish to include more details and make your listing stand out then take a look at the listing+ option below.

Just complete the form opposite for your free listing.


If you have an email address and/or website and you would like your listing to include these links then the listing+ will suit your needs at a very attractive £12.00 for 12 months you can't go wrong! Email enquiries@wellesbourne.co.uk including your business name, contact details and a short description of your services.



Starting at Just £49.00 you can have your own mini website (or if you fancy a full web design package is also available). All web packages include a free listing+. For more details click here.

A choice of adverts and banners will also be available when the site launches. Contact enquiries@wellesbourne.co.uk for more information.


Remember... if your business is based outside of Wellesbourne but would like to reach its Wellesbourne's residents or visitors on this site. All the above services will be available to you with the exception of the free listing. Please contact enquiries@wellesbourne.co.uk for more information.


* Only one free listing per customer.